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To Blog or not to Blog…

More and more businesses are running a blog but are never sure if it is of benefit to the business. We believe that for a blog to be successful there are a few key points that you should follow.

Regular Updates – It is vital that you blog is current and regularly updated, you want users to read it, if the information is current they will come back, if the last blog is months old they will not return.

Content – Make sure the content is useful and informative, it has to be useful to the readers or you will lose them.

Style – We recommend that Blogs are less formal, use your news feed for product launches, updates etc but make the blog the ‘news behind the news’, the writing style can be very different but above all for your business make sure it is not too personal, readers do not want to know what you had for breakfast.

Location – Make sure your Blog can be easily located on your home page, add it to the menus, put a link somewhere that is easy to find.

Social Networks – A blog is ideal to appear on your Social Network pages such as facebook, twitter etc so that you are informing users of a new post, there are lots of tools available that can do this automatically for you.

Happy Blogging!

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