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10 Seconds is all you have…

Research has shown that at least 50% of all visitors to your website will leave withing 10 seconds so that is all you have, so in other words if your website does not does not catch their attention within 10 seconds then they are gone and it is possible that for a lot of websites this 50% figure could be as high as 60 – 70%

We often talk about your website being a shop window but in the case of the internet it is a shop window where visitors are moving past very quickly and if their head is not turned they move on.

So what can you do to trya and hold on to your visitors:

1, Headlines – Hit the visitor with your message if it is buried in text it will get missed or the visitor may never actually get to it before leaving.

2, Prominent Message – Make sure your key headline or message is at the top of your website, laptop or mobile users may not see the bottom of your website without scrolling so do not take the risk that they will scroll down.

3, Put yourself in their shoes – think like a visitor does, what are they looking for, why are they at your site try and tell them what they want to know and not what you want to tell them. An engaged visitor will stay and look further and those are the visitors that will become customers.