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Joomla Stats

At Blue Wave Web Solutions Joomla is our favourite solution for websites, most customers just want a quality website that is easy to update and Joomla is the perfect solution.

Just to prove how popular and well utilised Joomla is have a look at the infographic below.

Courtesy of  CloudAccess.net/

Click on the image for a larger versionJoomla Info Graphic 2006 - 2012


Joomla or WordPress ?

We are big fans of Joomla the Content Management System on the web but we also like WordPress and currently they are the two leaders in CMS but we believe in ‘horses for courses’ and personally we prefer Joomla for website development and WordPress for blog setup, however we have see some very nice development work that allows WordPress to work well as a website CMS.

Both have great communities behind them and a great wealth of plug in modules offering some clever enhanced functionality.

Either way Bluewave are happy to have a foot in both camps.