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Shopping on Line

We have found recently that clients are requesting a range of ways for customers to purchase their goods.

We had one customer ask us for the ability to take a deposit for goods and then pay the balance later, they felt that this would make customers commit to the purchase and of course the customer did not get the goods until the balance was paid.

Other requests have included purchasing certain goods gives an automatic discount on others typically if a customer buys a large item they get discount on the smaller items, this is seen as a way to top up the sale by getting the customer to add accessories or add ons etc.

Another popular request is the use of Coupons or Vouchers that you an email to existing or prospective customers to give a discount on a purchase, these are often time limited so it becomes an encouragement for the customer to purchase before a certain date.

The key thing with all these methods is to get customers on to your online store and to get them to purchase while there, we always encourage customers to think of their online store as a shop and once the customer is inside you want to make them feel welcome and relaxed, make it a good experience and above all make it easy to purchase something.