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Google Local Business Problems

Google have a free directory called Google Local Business that ensures your business will appear on Google Maps when searched for and this is a great service for your business.

Recently we were working with a client to add their details but we found that there were already some listings for their business and these had been unverified, various searches on Google told us we should be able to edit the listings but this did not prove so. The solution we found was to go to our Google Local Business Account and then add a new listing but we made sure this listing was 100% the same as the existing listings and once we did this Google gave us the option to Claim or Suspend this listing.

The temptation is to suspend the listing but think twice before you do as this may have an adverse effect on your Google rankings, we suggest you claim it and once verified you can edit it to suit you.

One point to bear in mind is that when you claim the listing it has to be verified either by phone or by post but the details used by Google will be those already on the listing so if these are incorrect then you have a problem, we believe you may have to contact Google for that one but not sure what response you will get.

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