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Twitter – the Unwritten Rules

To make Twitter work well for you there are certain unwritten rules you should follow, of course these are not compulsory but are sound advice iand as they say on those talent shows – in no particular order:

1, Post Regularly – If you can then post every day but follow the other rules carefuly to make sure you are not posting rubbish.

2, Be Helpful – If you can answer questions posed, this will help give you a good Twitter reputation.

3, Do not become a Sheep – Many people follow someone just because they follow you, in fact some people have it switched on automatically, make sure you want to follow someone before adding them to your list.

4, Retweets are good – If you see a good Tweet the Retweet it so you can share it with others.

5, Good Tweet information – Make your Tweets informatitive and share items you find interesting.
6, Say Thank you – if someone Retweets a Tweet of yours say thanks – in life it is good to be polite and the same goes on Twitter, people like polite people.
7, Comment – You will be part of a Twitter community based on your business or leisure interests so comment and be part of that community and do not just sit on the fence observing.
8, Be Personal – Give your Tweets a personal touch, unless you are a celebrity nobody will be interested what you had for breakfast but your personal views are interesting.
9, Post items other than Text – Twitter can be used to post links to videos, pictures etc.
10, Link to other items – It is good to have youur Twitter feed fed from other areas such as your Blog this allows Twitters to find out more about you aif they want to nd read longer posts than the 140 character limit .