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10 Tips to Increase Sales from you Website

We love lists at Bluewave but not ‘to do’ lists as it reminds me of all the work we have to do 🙁

So here are 10 quick Tips to help increase sales, most are common sense but it is always nice to be reminded of the obvious.

1, First Impressions Count – Your website is your shop window so make sure it is clean and will instantly tell the customer what you are selling and why they should buy from you.

2, Clearly Display Delivery Prices etc – Do not hide these away or hit the customer with them at the end of a checkout process as if there are any shocks the customer will drop out. Make sure you are fair and comparable with the competition and have them on display or just a click away.

3, Customer Service – Keep the customer informed every step of the order process, inform of any problems immediately. Customers will accept delays if they are informed rather than them having to chase you.

4, Contact Details – Do not hide behind your website, clearly display your contact details some customers will find your website but then might want to call you to discuss details further – if there are no contact details on a website other than an email address many customer will not buy from it.

5, Make Buying Easy – Make sure the buying process is easy and smooth, do not force a customer to create an account, verify it etc as you will lose most sales at this stage just take the information you need to purchase the order and no more.

6, Browser – Make sure your site works with a number of different browsers and that is loads quickly, keep images small but give customers the option to click on an image to view in high resolution.

7, Payment – You should take as many forms of payments as you can, all major Credit Cards and add others such as Paypal, Bank Transfer etc – you need to cater for as many customers as possible.

8, Security – It goes without saying your site should be secure but display your security credentials and if you can show information on your SSL certificate, customers need to be assured your site is safe to trade on.

9, Offer Good Value – Buyers are looking for good service with good value, make sure your prices are competitive and offer extras such as free shipping, gift wrapping etc

10, Track Your Customers – Use free software such as Google Analytics to track a customer’s journey on your website, do you know what is your bounce rate ? or do you know how many customers attempt to but but drop out before completing the sale.

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